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What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to the Introduction to Journaling & Mindset course

    • Learn what journaling is and how it helps with mindset

    • Learn about different journaling styles and what suits you best

    • Learn the skill of keeping a journal 

    • Get organised about your goals and tasks with a journal

    • Get clarity on mental thoughts and self-reflect

    • Increase your self-awareness to learn more about yourself

    • Develop consistency

    • Create a habit that's powerful in analysing thoughts & emotions

    • Learn how to reflect on situations, events, thoughts & experiences

    • See real journaling examples so you can see how it works

    • Access the journal worksheets - these are journal prompts which will help you start your journal entries

    • Learn about mindset - identifying, understanding, developing a growth mindset

    • How to change negative thought patterns (ANTS) using journaling and thought provoking questions

    • Learn about Perception and Perspective and how working on these 2 things specifically (with the use of journaling) will help you manage negative thought patters

    • Build emotional intelligence

    • Build self-esteem by using your journal to assess your progress, goals, thoughts, emotions & behaviour