The Unfuckmethod

This is my personal coaching approach combining evidence-based techniques I've learned from my use of CBT, NLP, REBT, as well as my experience as a Nurse, Nutritionist, Personal trainer & coach.

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Unfuck Thoughts

  • Change how you think about food
  • Learn how your thoughts lead to an unhealthy relationship with dieting
  • Learn how to rationalise thoughts
  • Snap back at your inner critic & talking down to yourself
  • See how your thoughts link to your emotions and behaviours
  •  Learn the unfuckmethod - adopt a flexible mindset which ultimately leads to a flexible relationship with food, exercise, emotions, habits & lifestyle choices.

Unfuck Emotions

  • Learn how to identify your emotions - increase your emotional awareness and emotional IQ
  • Understand why you use food to deal with negative emotions
  • Understand why you are using food or exercise to deal with psychological factors like low self esteem, poor body image, and stress
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and stop using food as a coping strategy
  • Learn 'the feels' and how to  manage emotions to stop unhealthy behaviours

Unfuck Behaviour

  • Learn how your thoughts and emotions are leading to unhealthy habits and behaviours with food, exercise and mindset
  • Learn how to identify WHAT needs to change and WHY
  • Learn HOW to implement those changes and create healthy habits for optimal physical and psychological health
  • Learn how to approach weight loss and weight management using the unfuckmethod for maintainable, flexible, and consistent results

The Unfuck Book

Your personal 256 page Unfuck book & personal 'thesis'. This digital document compliments the Unfuck Diploma and is filled with self assessments, workout planners, habit trackers, and your weekly check ins.


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Becca Gillen x Nonna Diary 

The next project from the UnfuckMethod: your personal Folio... 

Your own tailored plan. Your own tailored journal. A case study on yourself! For you, and by you. A place for trial and error, for ideas, for writing down mistakes. For discovering strengths and working on weaknesses. For discovering your own thoughts and emotions, and how to challenge certain thoughts and behaviours. It is 4 months of targeted goal setting, problem solving, learning and awareness. Each week and month you review how you're doing and reset when (and if) necessary using the blueprint.

 15 tools for challenging thoughts, emotions, and behaviours along with a goal setting and problem solving blueprint to help you take actionable and accountable steps towards making progress and change. 


Becca Gillen x Nonna Diary