Mindset: Ugh... That Voice In Your Head 


The secret’s out...we’ve all been SO mindfucked by diet culture and what beauty and bodies “should” look like that we keep tripping into savage mindset traps.

● “I’m so fat.”

● “I’m not good enough.”

● “I feel so guilty for eating that brownie.”

The Unfuckmethod crushes those thoughts that keep you struggling with your body image and confidence.

● Learn why your inner critic is such a bitch and how to snap back!

● Increase your emotional IQ by understanding what triggers your emotions and binge eating habits

● Discover the tranquil pool of self-awareness and the ability to make rational decisions

● Feel empowered and truly understand your potential by showing up and embodying behaviour change

● Unlock an unfuck mindset that will pour over into all areas of your life, including your weight loss goals

Food & Eating: Never Feel Guilty About Food Again 

The UnfuckMethod 

reprogrammes  everything you've been taught about food. Break away from food fears and build up a healthy relationship with food again. 

● Understand why those restrictive diets were never going to work for you

● Adopt the unfuckmethod, which allows a flexible relationship with food

● Learn how to fuel your body effectively to lose weight and keep it off. 

Break the Binge-Restrict cycle

● Learn how to fuel your body effectively to lose body fat and keep it off

● Learn how to manage your emotions and stop using food as a coping strategy

Implement the Unf*ck Method and you’ll soon find out you don’t need to:

● Ban certain foods from your kitchen

● Obsess over counting calories

● Force yourself to be on any kind of diet

Exercise & Training: Powerful Mind, Powerful Body


● Ditch the extreme, body-beating exercises! Learn how to create an exercise plan that’s actually fun and helps you become a strong, fit powerhouse

● Let go of going to the gym feeling like a chore, but a place where you feel fulfilled

● Reverse the years of unhealthy programming that’s told you to just focus on fitting into a certain body image shaped by diet culture

● Learn how to Build Muscle, improve performance, get Strong & Lean - all without sacrificing your mental or physical health

Group Coaching Challenges

3 intakes a year for Fatloss,Building Muscle or Reverse Dieting using the Unfuck Method in online group coaching

1-1 Coaching

Intensive 1-1 Coaching that focuses on Problem solving & Goal Setting using the Unf*ck Method. Whether it's Binge Eating, Body Images issues, or your confidence is at rock bottom - work 1-1 with Becca to establish a successful strategy that works for YOU.

Courses & Programmes 

Self-paced educational coaching courses & programmes to help you learn about the Unfuck Method and implement the tools.

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"Working with Becca for 6 months was the best investment I made in myself in the last 10 years. The impact she has had on me will stay with me for a very long time.”


Becca changed the way I looked at food and dieting. She taught me how to change my eating habits with small tweaks which meant I still lost weight and felt full and satisfied. I learnt that you don’t have to eliminate an entire food group to lose weight- you can even have chocolate and lose weight! Who knew this was possible!”


“I've been to many different counsellors and talked about my feelings. Becca does more than this. She asks you questions where you come to realise the answers yourself. The best way in conquering your demons is head-on. Trust me— Becca will get you there."


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Meet your Coach:

Becca Gillen



I was fed up. I was stuck. I needed to start again and ‘Unf*ck’ my mind. It’s the only word I can think of that truly hits the spot. I had gone through numerous career changes, two university degrees, and a thousand other courses while trying to fit into society’s definition of success... you know... a successful career, a Disney-perfect life, and trying to achieve it all before I got to the big ‘THREE OHHHH’.

The truth was, I was miserable, and I was using exercise as an escape...



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