Becca Gillen



Diploma Level 5:

Comprehensive Health & Behaviour Change Coaching


Become the top 1% in the coaching industry.



16th JANUARY 2023**

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About the Course: 

In the ever-growing and over saturated coaching business today, being better than your competitors is critical for your success. It takes extensive experience, deep knowledge, and a unique approach to reach the top. 

The Diploma in Comprehensive Health & Behaviour change coaching is my 12-week course (live) that will change your perspective & your approach when it comes to working with clients. This is my own personal coaching method that I have developed over the years that is evidence-based and offers a practical approach to help you apply the knowledge you learn in the modules.


By gaining exceptional knowledge across all areas that only 1% of coaches possess today, you will place yourself in a position that separates you from other coaches. You will stand out from the crowd and be recognised for offering the highest standard of coaching.

You will acquire a high level of knowledge and a skillset to work with a variety of clients by understanding their mindset, behaviours, nutritional & exercise needs. 


**The course is fully evidence based (and accredited) by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. **


IMPORTANT: The course runs ONCE A YEAR ONLY and I can only take 10 coaches due to the amount of work & 1-1 support needed. 



What's included

  • 14 modules covering Nutrition, Exercise, Mindset, Psychology & Behaviour 
  • Your Coaching & Mentoring workbook
  • Weekly 1-1 call & support with me
  • Weekly assignments with feedback
  • Weekly group workshop to discuss lecture & module content (Q&A style)
  • Client Case Studies & scenarios
  • Your certification which covers face-to-face coaching AND online coaching worldwide
  • Lifetime access to the course