Becca Gillen




Unf*ck Method 1-1 Coaching 

The 1-1 coaching using the Unf*ck method is an intensive coaching phase that implements solution based problem solving techniques, CBT coaching & tailored worksheets specific to YOU. The 1-1 coaching is only suitable for those who seriously want to change their life and solve their problem for good. 

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"Working with Becca for 6 months was the best investment I made in myself in the last 10 years. The impact she has had on me will stay with me for a very long time.

Firstly, the dept of knowledge that I gained and have now was amazing. I got to learn so much, not only just about nutrition and training but about the body and the mind. 
The mindset work was beyond anything I had experienced from a coach before and this was my favourite element of the coaching.
Becca has given me tools to get through any future challenges and taught me small little things I can add to my ever day but that add to me massively over time. 
Working with Becca was always a pleasure as her approach was tailored to me and she got to know me as a person and not just a statistic or a spreadsheet. Checking in was personal and that really made a huge different to feeling like I was making progress."


"My journey just started 4 months ago. I have been suffering for years and the change in this short amount of time is insane. 
I've suffered with low self esteem since my teens over a minor physical disability - I've experienced bullying (and more) and and wanted to put all the negativity aside. 
I was a huge over-thinker. My anxiety ruled over me, and my confidence fell flat after a bad break up. 
going back over my work from week 1 until now - I had no trail of thought. I couldn't process what was going on in my head. I suffered chest pain from the anxiety, my head was constantly heavy, and I didn't know what to do.
I've been to many different counsellors and talked about my feelings. Becca does more than this. She asks you questions where you come to realise the answers yourself. The best way in conquering your demons is head-on. Trust me - Becca will get you there."


"Words will never express my gratitude for Becca for all that she has done for me. Prior to commencing coaching, I thought a diet meant starving yourself and mindset/ mediation was only for “enlightened” people. How wrong I was!

Becca changed the way I looked at food and dieting.  She taught me how to change my eating habits with small tweaks which meant I still lost weight and felt full and satisfied. I learnt that you don’t have to eliminate an entire food group to loose weight- you can even have chocolate and loose weight! Who knew this was possible!

My mindset was programmed to be negative and I never even realised this but Becca unlocked this for me. The weekly workbooks made me explore my personality in ways that I did not know were possible.

It took perseverance and determination to want to change but Becca was so encouraging it made me know that this change was possible. I now mediate every day and am a positive person (most of the time!). My outlook on life has changed and this is solely due to the coaching I undertook.

I am a better person for working with Becca and I will be forever grateful."



"What a 6 months it's been! Life is so much easier when you're not picking apart every aspect of your body. I'm looking in the mirror - proud of what I've achieved. My mind doesn't go straight to negatives or focus on anything in particular anymore and it just feels like there's been such a shift! Set up for a happier and healthier life thanks to you."


"The main points that I get to walk away with and will stick with me forever:

  • Food is not the enemy
  • You can eat pizza, drink cocktails, and still lose weight
  • I don't have to train every day
  • Investing in myself for the right reasons is so important
  • I am so grateful for everyone in my life and will not take the small things for granted
  • Consistency is key
  • Every day is not going to be a good day - Life happens but I know I can control how I react
  • I can deal with negative thoughts and not let them ruin me
  • I don't let people's opinions matter
  • I learned how to love my body and myself
  • I learned how to be kind to me
  • I am truly happy


I worked with Becca for over a year, and to say she has helped me massively would be a massive understatement. When I came to Becca earlier this year, I was in a very bad place not only physically, but mentally.

She's helped boost my confidence 10 fold - I am no longer scared to eat. I train with weights and I train heavy and it comes down to an amazing coach and teacher. Becca - Thank You so much. 

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