Break the Binge Restrict Cycle Intensive 4 week course (live)

This 4 week intensive course using the Unf*ck Method will give you the tools and strategies you need to break the cycle of Binge eating and Restrictive eating patterns.


Start Date: 17th January 2022

Current Availability: 10 spots


This course is for you if you:

  • Have repeated episodes of Binge eating where you eat large quantities of food very quickly
  • Would like to reduce the intensity & frequency of your binge eating episodes
  • You feel an overwhelming sense of lack of control around food
  • Restrict food/calories following a binge eating episode to 'make up' for the binge
  • Feel guilty, ashamed or have low self esteem after a binge 
  • Use food to deal with stress, low mood, and/or uncomfortable emotions
  • Are preoccupied with thoughts about food, weight gain, size/shape
  • Are permanently on a diet but don't seem to ever make progress
  •  Cannot or Do not know how to eat at regular intervals
  • Impulsive eating when not physically hungry to the point of uncomfortable fullness 
  • Avoid social situations or feel distressed about a meal out or weekend away
  • Have 'rules' about what you eat, when you eat and/or how to eat

What's included

  •  4 weeks of intensive coaching (course + 1-1 coaching)
  • Break the Binge/Restrict course with 15 modules
  • Your Binge/Restrict pre-course assessments
  • Over 40 worksheets to identify triggers, understand your patterns, and implement the Break the Binge/Restrict cycle tools & strategies
  • Break the Binge/Restrict cycle workbook
  • 2 weekly workshops
  • Weekly 1-1 CBT based Coaching call 
  • Your Binge Eating Journal & record
  • Lifetime access to the course

Break the Binge/Restrict cycle Workbook

There are two workbooks that come with the course. One pre-course assessment workbook, and another Break the Binge/Restrict cycle workbook with over 40 worksheets for your 1-1 work & support calls. There are over 150 pages in the workbook full of tools, strategies, worksheets, and informative content to help you work through the Break the Binge/Restrict cycle course.